YOU can cut your legal costs by using The Public Access Scheme


I am promoting The Public Access Scheme because having spoken to over a hundred

people about it, they, being the general public, have not heard of it or the benefits it has to offer.

If you are a business owner or an individual, The Public Access Scheme can help you with almost any legal problem that you might have.

It is a fast and cost effective solution to most people's legal problems.

Remarkably this scheme has been around now for ten years yet most people who can use it, and who need it, have never even heard of it !

I will explain in simple terms, how The Public Access Scheme works and how it can assist you:

The Public Access Scheme Explained

YOU may now go directly to a Barrister without having to involve an instructing solicitor or other intermediary. In the past it was necessary for clients to use a solicitor or other recognised third party to instruct a Barrister.

Although the Barrister's role remains essentially the same, members of the public may now instruct a Barrister directly using The Public Access Scheme.

What are the advantages to YOU?

The main advantage of using The Public Access Scheme for YOU is that it could potentially save you money whilst giving YOU access to a Barrister.

Some examples of work which a Barrister is allowed to do:

    A Barrister may appear on your behalf at Court.
    A Barrister may give you legal advice.
    A Barrister may draft documents for you.

If YOU would like to know more, please contact me, Robin Driscoll, in one of the following ways:

My contact form (on website), by telephone 01277-412534 or 07732-695586 and by email: rad@robindriscoll.co.uk.